95 km on bicycle

I participated in a bicycling event – Luonteri pyöräily 2014 – recently. It was the first event for me. It was 35 km (20 mi) longer ride than what I had ever done before. It also had the “worst” uphills I’ve ever ridden: the longest/steepest/tallest in any combination of those three qualities – and as total for the whole trip. My entry was aimed at trekking, no competition, long pauses, but there also was a race group for the same route. Not for me, yet. The tops did it in less than three hours!

I spent 3:47 riding plus nearly half an hour for pauses. With coffee on the midway service as planned 🙂 With the total duration of approx. 4:15 I came inside the top 30% (in the trekking group). I want to try trekking next year as well, but with minimal pauses! Yes, it is a competition for me 😉 A great test course for a mountain biker and great training.

Definitely recommended for everyone looking for new experiences! They say everyone can ride that. It’s true. The course is all on public road, most of it is gravel, the rest is asphalt. Recommended for mountain bike or the likes, best for cyclocross. Any standard bike is fine, gears help. Not the best for road bikes but doable.

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